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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Sanaz Bash and I've been in the marketing field for 7 years. I have a diverse range of experience and I'm passionate about AI, e-commerce, CRM, and UX!


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I'm Sanaz (Sunny) and I have over seven years of experience in marketing. Recently, I decided to pursue an MBA degree in Berlin to improve my leadership skills, strategic thinking, and innovation management, as well as to learn more about customers. I completed my thesis on "How Gamification Can Increase Customer Satisfaction and Brand Awareness in the German E-Commerce Market."

Throughout my career, I’ve launched and scaled products for SaaS and e-commerce companies, led teams, and developed successful strategies for both B2C and B2B contexts. I have a unique perspective on the product lifecycle and can consider the entire customer journey while addressing challenges and solving problems.

As a multipotentialite with an INFJ personality type, I have a blend of technical and soft skills, which allows me to excel in various roles and environments. My career path is diverse and dynamic, and I can navigate different fields and roles because of my adaptability. Also, I always focus on User Experience (UX) regardless of my work area.

I enjoy traveling, exploring different cultures and cuisines, watching movies, listening to music, and exploring web3 and photography. These interests let me express my creativity and find peace.

Sanaz Bash

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If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy. 
- Jim Metcalf

Beyond Boundaries: A Journey of Skills

I'm more than just a job title. My story is one of continual growth and exploration. I've tried many different things and developed a wide range of skills along the way. For me, the journey is what matters most, not the destination. I've worked in various roles, all with a focus on enhancing user experiences. From shaping SaaS products to orchestrating e-commerce successes, my journey has been diverse. What's important to me is not the job title or where I end up, but the process of crafting exceptional user interfaces and creating memorable experiences.

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Encouraging Testimonies

It was a pleasure to have Sanaz in our team! She has an admirable work ethic and hands-on mentality. Sanaz is ambitious in the best sense of the word. Pressure to perform and stressful situations cannot harm her. Here, too, she acts thoughtfully, calmly and goal oriented. We have particularly benefited from Sanaz' wealth of experience in shop management and online marketing, especially in SEO. Thanks to her expertise and new impulses, we have been able to noticeably improve our shop performance - and that in just one quarter. We particularly appreciated her ability to look beyond and test new solutions. Sanaz, we wish you only the best for the future!
Julia Baier
Head of Commercial & Marketing @ STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!
Sanaz has been an amazing community ambassador and moderator in the Genopets community from our very early days. She not only excels at helping set community expectations and stays active in conversation encouraging community engagement, but she goes above and beyond to keep community documentation organized in our various channels to help streamline management of a community that has grown to 160K+ members while she was moderating. Any community or company would be lucky to have her on your team.

Jay Chang
Co-Founder of Genopets & Product Marketing Manager @ Google
Sanaz has been a core part of Galleons journey in helping create and maintain a thriving community through her core management responsibilities and going beyond normal expectations to create opportunities for growth via partnerships and other novel opportunities that Galleon could take advantage of. Sanaz has always been a pleasure to work alongside, and Galleon would be lucky to have her as a core contributor for the long term.
Andrew Wilkinson
Founder of Galleon
Among Sanaz's many very good characteristics are her deep interest in her work and her accuracy when doing it, she's very good at interacting with customers and takes care of things well, working with her makes me proud.

Mostafa Soufi
Co-Founder & CEO/CTO @ VeronaLabs OÜ

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